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What is a Threshold Ramp?

Rubber threshold ramps provide an easy and affordable solution to safer access through doorways for anyone using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or mobility scooters. A threshold ramp will provide s a safer and easier path to travel when negotiating raised door sills or sliding door tracks.

Designed for occupational therapists, facility managers and home owners who recognise the need for a permanent and inexpensive solution to assist access and mobility in the home or workplace environment.

Simply lay the rubber threshold ramp in place or permanently fix with builders adhesive. 

Home Assist™ Threshold Rubber Ramps are made from durable slip resistant recycled rubber, will last for years and will not require ongoing maintenance. Ramps can be cut down to suit most applications. Complies to AS1428.1.


  • Non-slip surface
  • Available in different heights
  • Strong & Durable Material
  • Can adapt to match different heights

Recycled Rubber

The ramp is made from a durable slip-resistant recycled rubber which can be cut down to suit your needs.

Bendtech is a leading supplier of Threshold Ramps in Australia.

Item Number     Description

HA21                    L:1170mm D: 200mm H: 25mm

HA22                    L:1290mm D: 400mm H: 50mm

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