Therma-Grip Tape - Specification and Application Sheet
Description:  White conformable slip and heat resistant self-adhesive tape for Grab Rails     

Size: 101mm Wide

Application Instructions

  1. Make sure the surface is clean, dry, smooth and above the 4°C minimum application temperature.                         
  2. Repair or replace any broken or damaged surface.                          
  3. Wipe surface with a solvent to remove grease or oil residue. Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone or Methylated spirits can be used.  It is recommended that several wipes with a new clean, soft cloth each time are utilised to attain a clean surface. 
  4.  Apply the tape to the top surface, centering the tape so that the join will be on the underside of the rail.  Work your way along the rail removing the adhesive protective sheet as you progress.        
  5. Ensure that pressure is applied to the final join areas with a roller or tapping with a rubber mallet to ensure a good edge seal is formed.     
Maintenance Instructions
  1. To maintain product effectiveness the application should be inspected periodically to ensure serviceability. 
  2.  Ensure that tapes are kept free of dirt and other residues that might impair functionality.
  3. Brush surface with a soft brush or a soft damp cloth to remove residue.