BT9RL - Toilet Grab Rail with Rotating Adjustable Leg

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The BT9RL toilet grab rail for disabled bathrooms is manufactured for strength and user confidence. Fully welded in grade 304 stainless steel, 32mm tubing, with slip resistant finishes, flange covers and an adjustable leg for optional extra support.

Flange options are:

Concealed Flange

CleanSeal™ Flange

Easy to install on most building surfaces, the grab rail is 900mm x 800mm with a 90 degree bend. It affixes to the floor and wall behind the toilet for disability support in standing and sitting. The adjustable leg is 300mm x 150mm and can rotate 360 degrees around the floor fixing.

Guarantee: Bendtech™ products are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material defects subject to normal wear and tear of the product for a period of 5 years.