About Flange Types

About Flange Types

Information about the three flange types that are stocked at Bendtech: concealed fix, exposed fix and the cleanseal fix.

Concealed fix flange 

Concealed Fix

75mm Flange Fixing with slip over Cover Plate.
5 x 6.5mm Fixing points.
Fully TIG Welded.   3mm Stainless Steel.


Exposed Fix flange

Exposed Fix

75mm Flange Fixing without Cover Plate.
3 x 6.5mm Fixing points.
Fully TIG Welded.   3mm Stainless Steel.


Cleanseal Fix flange

Cleanseal Fix

Innovative system engineering to provide full structural strength, with simple fixing method and a hygenically mounted installation.  Provides for easily cleaned crevice-free conditions that inhibit bacterial build up caused by soap scum, body fluid and mould spoors.

75mm Flange Fixing with Stainless Steel Cover Plate.
7 x 6.5mm Fixing points. Fully TIG Welded. 3mm Stainless Steel.