Accessible Bathrooms Accessories: The Weighted Shower Curtain

A weighted shower curtain is a must-have accessory in any accessible bathroom. These types of curtains are designed to prevent unwanted movement, which can help reduce stress and tension during shower time. Not only are they beneficial for your mental health, but weighted shower curtains can also improve your overall bathing experience.

In this blog post we look at the benefits of weighted shower curtains and what material to choose.

What are the benefits of a weighted shower curtain?

There are many benefits to install a weighted shower curtain in your bathroom. The main benefits include:

  • Prevents unnecessary splashing
  • More durable than other types of curtains
  • Doesn’t stick to the body

Prevent Splashing

It’s common for accessible bathrooms to include a step-less walk-in shower, design to minimise hazards and obstacles for people with restricted movement and those living with a disability. However, this also means there is now real barrier (usually a lip or glass screen) to contain the water inside the shower area.

It is the added weights at the bottom of the shower curtain (sewn in weights or magnetic plates usually) that prevent unnecessary movement and unwanted splashing. The curtain is held in place by the weights and the water is contain within the shower area. This makes for an easier clean-up after each shower and provides peace of mind knowing the water is contained and won’t cause a slip and fall hazard when leaving the shower.


More Durable

As discussed above, a weighted shower curtain is designed to help contain splashes of water spilling out to the main bathroom area. For that reason, a good weighted shower curtain is also made out of a heavier material like polyester, rather than a thin a flimsy plastic or cotton fabric. Polyester material will help the curtain to stay in place whilst being easy to maintain and wipe down after each shower.

Since there is no need to fight the curtain from clinging to your body or force it to stay in place, less stress is put on the curtain and the curtain tracks, which will make your curtain last longer and function better for years to come. It is worth mentioning that polyester curtains generally do come at a slightly higher price point than plastic and some other materials, however it is well worth the investment.

Doesn’t stick to body

Abled bodied and disabled alike, no one like when the shower curtain sticks and clings to your body in the middle of a shower. However, for people with disability or elderly people, this can cause a real hazard as it can easily swing someone out of balance and cause them to have a fall.

With a weighted shower curtain, you can wash in peace knowing you won’t be in a constant battle with your shower curtain. The weighted ends keep the curtain in place, preventing it from swaying and tangling with you whilst you move and wash in the shower. This makes showering easier, safer and more comfortable for you as it is less likely to become a tripping hazard, or throw you off balance. 

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