The Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Once you have figured out the purpose, materials, and the measurement of the wheelchair ramp you need (read our handy wheelchair ramp guide here), you will be able to identify the best one to suit your needs. That’s because there is an extensive range of wheelchair ramps available.

Wheelchair ramps are created for several purposes. They are available in a large-scale of designs with materials and models as diverse as the people who use them. Each person, location, and mobility device has different needs, so it's essential to take all of these things as well as the wide variety of features and designs into consideration when you're shopping to ensure that you get the best model for your needs.

Semi-Permanent Ramp

Semi-permanent ramps are meant to remain in place as an installation of the house, but they're typically designed to removed easily and adjusted if needed. It's a combination of permanent and portable ramps, offering a good blend of both worlds with the durability of the permanent ramp and the versatility of a portable ramp. The most popular type of semi-permanent ramp is the aluminum modular ramp, which is easy to install in just a few hours.

Channel Ramps

This type of ramp is generally the cheapest portable ramps available in the market. It's easy to handle as they are lighter than other types of portable ramps. This is well suited for self-propelled wheelchairs and some four-wheel scooters. It cannot be used with a three-wheel scooter. Channel ramps need to be placed at the correct distance apart for the wheelchair or scooter to travel on.

Suitcase & Trifold Ramps

Suitcase & Trifold Ramps are full-width ramps that fold in half lengthways. They have a carrying handle in the middle so that you can carry them just like a suitcase. It is recommended that if you need a suitcase ramp greater than 5ft long, you should choose a Trifold design. Suitcase ramps above 5ft in length are usually heavy.

When using a suitcase ramp, you don't have to be perfect in positioning. The downside is it requires more material and needs to be of stronger construction than channel ramps. Also, suitcase ramps are more challenging to transport and store as they don't fold down lengthways.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold Ramps are small ramps designed to be used in a doorway to overcome door frame thresholds of up to 3 inches. They usually have their own leading-edge and do not require to be rested on the actual threshold itself. A typical height range of these type of ramps would be 1-3 inches. It can often be permanently screwed to the floor or can be portable so that you can take them every time you go to a different place.

Wheelchair ramps are an essential solution to make your house accessible to people who are in wheelchairs or other mobility devices. The area, primary user, and type of equipment used on a ramp make a considerable difference in which type is best for the job, so it's essential to consider all the variables carefully before settling on your final purchase.

Wheelchair Ramps from Bendtech™

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