The Advantages of a Disabled Shower Seat

Showers are essential to maintaining good personal hygiene. But for older adults and disabled individuals, this can become a difficult task, and without proper aid, can sometimes result in accidents.

Fortunately, injuries can be prevented with a few modifications to your bathroom, starting with the disabled shower seat. If you’re not yet familiar with this bathing aid, here are the advantages of a disabled shower seat and the reasons to own one.

Safer Bathing

Many people, especially the elderly who may have mobility and balance problems, have grown to fear the bathroom. To transform this fear into confidence, you can use bath aids like a shower chair (which is also known as a bath chair). These chairs are equipped with helpful safety features that allow the user to be more comfortable and worry-free when using the shower or bath. Some of the safety features included in most shower seats are:

    1. handle grips
    2. rails
    3. seats
    4. back support
    5. transfer bench
    6. handheld shower attachment and many more.


Independence and Empowerment

Throughout our lives, the bathroom has always been a place of privacy. Elderly people and people with disabilities that need assistance when using the bathroom might feel demoralised by the lack of privacy. By using a shower seat, they may regain the freedom of cleaning themselves without the help of service care.

There are plenty of shower seat options available in the market and you can easily find one to suit your loved one’s specific needs.

Improves the Quality of Life

Elderly persons and physically-challenged people can suffer much more than just limited mobility. Low self-esteem is also common due their dependency on others and being unable to do simple tasks such as bathing themselves can take a toll on their mental wellness. Helping them achieve a sense of independence can help boost their confidence. Owning or investing in a shower or bath chair can help them be and feel more independent and adequate.


Showering can be therapeutic but for those with limited mobility, bathing or showering can become an uncomfortable experience. With a shower seat, they can achieve the same relaxation that most of us experience during bath time. There are also various options available in the market that will suit their particular needs to having a comfortable bath or shower.

Some of the features of a shower seat that allow owners to have comfortable and relaxing self-cleaning are back support, armrest, and multi-positioning backrest.

Disabled Shower Seat Features and Designs

Not all disabled shower seats are the same. Different options are available to cater to the varying needs of the elderly and the physically-challenged. Fortunately, you can buy the right product right here with Bendtech™.

Our shower seats at Bendtech are designed especially for the disabled, handicapped and the elderly. We made our products with durable plastic supported by stainless steel and equipped with drain holes. A lot of options are available depending on your needs.

We also offer a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories for disabled persons.

Contact Bendtech™ today at 07 3290 4007 for deliveries and to know more about our products.