Must-Have Disabled Bathing Aid Products

There are plenty of temporary and permanent bathing solutions that can help disabled people in their washing routine. However, this type of equipment is not always easy to find in online shops or store catalogues. To help you find the right items for your loved ones, here’s a quick guide on the must-have bathing aid products for the disabled and the elderly.

Handheld Shower Products

Installing a mobile shower is a good option to meet the shower needs of a disabled or elderly person. With a handheld shower product you can direct the flow of water rather than moving the person, making the task a lot easier to manage. At Bendtech, we stock each hand shower item separately in case you only need a shower hose or a new shower handset. Other benefits of handheld showers include the following:

    1. Adjustable for people of varying heights as they can be clipped up and down the wall which is useful for children and people who need to be seated while taking a shower.
    2. Handheld showers are more economical in water usage compared to fixed models.
    3. Some handheld shower models have therapeutic massage settings.
    4. Can be purchased for as low as $10 and as much as $200 based on additional parts or features.
    5. Easy to clean and maintain.


Suction Grab Rails

Suction grab rails are a convenient portable solution as an alternative to permanent grab rails. The quick suction handrail installation before a bath is just as easy as its removal after using, which perfectly fits the purpose of safe bathing for a disabled person or a person of old age. This allows them to steady themselves while having a bath or a shower.

Clamped Bath Rails

A clamp-on bath rail which has an inverted U-shaped bar for support is specially designed to guide a disabled person in getting in and out of the shower room safely. This standalone bath rail clamped onto most bath tub products is cost-effective and provides safe mobilisation of your loved one.

Shower Seats/Stools

Older people may have difficulties standing over a long period of time, this includes having a shower. Shower and bath seats or stools are a comfortable solution to this problem. You can opt for a convenient shower seat that folds up and out, a shower chair with a backrest, or even a wall-mounted one. They are all purposely designed for the comfort of disabled and elderly people.

If you want a simple flat seat, the ones that have floor suction cups are recommended to ensure a safe and comfortable washing experience. The durable shower seats have slots to drain water off the seat to avoid slipping hazards.

Non-slip Stick-on Bath Discs

One common hazard in the bathroom is how slippery the floor gets when wet. Though laying bath mats could solve the problem, it can be quite an expensive and difficult task. Non-slip stick-on bath discs prevent falls from happening and will save your time and effort from laying bath mats. It provides a better floor grip so that slips and falls can be easily avoided.

Other Bathroom Accessories

These items are designed to ensure the comfort and safety of the disabled or elderly in a wide range of options. Aside from the safety they provide, these stainless steel and chrome plated bathroom and shower accessories will also add to the aesthetics of the bathroom and requires minimal maintenance. These purpose designed bathroom accessories include the following:

    1. Shower curtain tracks
    2. Shower curtain rails
    3. Towel rails
    4. Toilet paper holders
    5. Soap dishes
    6. Baskets


Bathing-Aid Solutions with BendTech

Whatever bathing aid products you choose as a solution to keep your elderly or disabled safe, clean and independent, it is always important to ask an expert for advice.

When you are looking for the best bathing aid products, Bendtech™ offers a wide range of high-quality products at very competitive prices. We’ve been manufacturing stainless steel handrails, grab rails and other products designed for the disabled and elderly throughout Australia since 1992.

Bendtech™ delivers anywhere in Australia to help every household with the bathing needs of the elderly or disabled members.

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