Introducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

Introducing HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infections)

Some quick facts:

  • 80% of all infectious illnesses are transmitted by touch*.
  • Up to 12% of patients who got into the hospital in first-world countries acquire HAIs (healthcare associated infections)**.

    Currently antibacterial hand sanitizer and cleaning agents are used to fight HAIs and to combat bacterial illnesses. Adding antimicrobial touch surfaces into the equation will help to take this fight even further.

    In addition to saving lives, antimicrobial surfaces have the potential to save significant amounts of money. HAIs alone cost the US and Europe around $53 billion per year.

    Enter Antimicrobial Copper

    Antimicrobial copper is a range of copper alloys scientifically proven to kill greater than 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours. This property reduces the risk of infections by at least 40% and up to 69%. Other exceptional properties of antimicrobial copper:

    • Far more effective than stainless steel or silver-containing coatings
    • Continuously kills bacteria that causes infections reducing bioburden and the risk of acquiring an HAI
    • Remains effective after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination
    • Natural tarnishing does not impair the efficacy
    • Not harmful to people of the environment (completely recyclable)
    • Antimicrobial copper is inherently antimicrobial and requires no chemicals to make it that way.

      There are over 450 different antimicrobial copper alloys in a wide range of colours and surface textures which makes it a suitable fit for all interior designs.

      An Australian First

      Sandringham Hospital has become the first in Australian hospital to install antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to augment existing infection control procedures. Undergoing a refurbishment and extension, the 105-bed facility in Melbourne has installed many high-touch surfaces made from antimicrobial copper, which will continuously reduce bioburden, 24/7 and in-between regular cleans.

      Bendtech™ & Antimicrobial Copper Products

      Bendtech™ is excited to be offering a range of its current stainless steel products in antimicrobial copper. The range includes grab rails, bathroom accessories, tracks & rails and more.

      Contact us for more information and the types of products we can offer manufactured from this alloy. Phone: (07) 3290 4007

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      ** Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infection Worldwide - A Systematic Review of the Literature (1995-2010), 2011