Choosing The Right Equipment for Your Disabled Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential part of any home and it should be accessible to everyone living in it. An accessible bathroom should provide every member of your family, including the elderly and disabled, security, freedom, and a greater sense of confidence.

Making your bathroom safer and more comfortable for the elderly and the disabled in your home, shouldn’t have to be extremely costly or challenging. It doesn’t always have to include a complete renovation. Most of the time, the addition of handicapped bathroom equipment is all you need. Here are some tips on choosing equipment for your disabled bathroom.

Handicapped Toilet Seat

With a handicapped toilet seat, you don't need to replace your conventional toilet completely. Handicapped toilet seats fit easily over the top of existing toilets, and they are built with support bars to provide additional stability to a disabled person.

Bathtub Lift

Installing a bathtub lift is a much cheaper alternative than a renovation. It is the perfect addition to a conventional bathroom but provides the disabled person with the ability to turn the standard tub into a disabled bath area. It fits the sides of the bathtub and is operated by electrical controls that the person using the lift can operate while seated. Some have a reclining feature that allows the user to lean back in the water to enjoy a relaxing soak anytime desired.

Safety Grab Bars for the Disabled

Grab bars are the most inexpensive accessory that you can add to your bathroom, but may also help to avoid serious accidents more than any other design element. Choosing the right types of safety grab bars will make it easy for a disabled person to manoeuvre safely around the bathroom. Good quality grab bars are generally made from metal that is durable, and each type of bar is structured to fit particular areas of the bathroom like the toilet, sink or vanity, and tub or shower area.

Waste Pumps

Waste pumps are available with a variety of maximum flow rates. Analogue drainage pumps provide a constant rate of pumping and a fixed drainage speed while digital pumps vary the rate depending on the volume of water flow from the shower. There are also waste pumps that are activated by a flow switch installed in the water supply to the shower. When you turned the shower on, the water passes through the flow switch, activating the pump.

Disabled Shower Seat

Disabled shower seats are a must for any disabled shower as it allows the user a more comfortable way to shower. The seats are usually supported by a stainless steel frame which includes screws so it can be wall-mounted. It is recommended to choose a light seat that can withhold up to 250lb.

Shower Curtain Tracks & Rails

Shower curtain tracks come in a range of shapes and sizes such as standard L-shaped and U-shaped curtain tracks. But they can also be made to your custom measurements. There are several shower curtains in various sizes, curtain rings, and a variety of parts and brackets for installation. These provide not only additional safety features but also add excellent practicality to a disabled person who wants to shower comfortably.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers

Thermostatic mixer showers use pre-heated water from the boiler or hot water tank in the house, but it has thermostatic controls. If someone in the house turns on the cold water tap, the person in the shower will not get scalded. Some models will shut off entirely if either the hot or cold water supply fails.

Bath Transfer Benches

A transfer bench is a four-legged seat that spans over the outer edge of the bath. They usually have a backrest and a single handle on the end inside the bathtub. They are used by reversing towards the bench, sitting down, and swinging legs over the edge to place them on the floor of the bath.

Disabled Bathroom Equipment with Bendtech™

With this list of disabled bathroom equipment, you can turn your existing washroom into a safe and comfortable place for your elderly or disabled family member. Aside from them, there is a scale of bathroom accessories that are also designed for safety. Wherever you’re home in Australia might be, Bendtech™ can provide them to you.

Bendtech™ provides stainless steel and chrome plated bathroom accessories that are fully guaranteed with high-quality at very competitive prices. We are also constantly innovating to develop products that will improve the lives of the elderly and disabled Aussies.

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