Best Ideas for Senior-Friendly Bathrooms

The bathroom is an essential room where we usually start and end the day. However, the bathroom can become hazardous for the elderly due to the risk of slipping and falling.

When a bathroom isn't well laid-out, it can become an unsafe environment for those who have mobility issues, and especially for the elderly. According to the NIA or National Institute on Aging, one in every three senior citizens over 65 suffer from a fall each year. About 80% of these unfortunate events happen in the bathroom.

That’s why you must make your bathroom safe for the senior members of your family. It should be easy to get to, easy to move around in, and well-equipped with aids to keep the elderly steady. Thankfully, we can always make a couple of adjustments or a complete bathroom renovation to guarantee bathroom safety.

Here are some ideas for redesigning a senior-friendly bathroom for your home.

Consider your flooring

Changing the floor is a critical part of remodelling a bathroom for seniors. With patterns and materials in mind, it’s important to pick a flooring that will help prevent slips and falls.

Rubber flooring is the safest option you can make as it's not slippery when wet, and it's easy to maintain. But for seniors who live alone, vinyl is also a good choice for easy maintenance -- stains will not be a problem, and the floor won't be scraped over time as a walker or wheelchair passes over it daily. You can also consider carpeting because it provides a soft and warm surface that is comfortable underfoot and gives an extra layer of protection in the event of a fall.

Lighting is essential

Most seniors have poor eyesight, so it is vital to ensure that your bathroom has proper lighting. A well-lighted bathroom will help in preventing slip-related injuries. It is recommended that your light bulb must have a minimum of 968 lumens to brighten the bathroom well.

You can also install a light switch with a neon indicator so it will be easy for seniors to find the switch or you can invest in automatic lights that turn on every time it detects action or movement.

Bathroom Safety Rails and Grab Bars

The simplest and most cost-effective way to make a bathroom safe for the elderly is by installing bathroom safety equipment such as safety rails and grab bars. They have a simple design but are incredibly versatile. They can be installed above the bathtub, in the shower, and along the walls to help seniors who have difficulties sitting down or rising from the toilet. It will make bathing and using the toilet more comfortable for them.

Bendtech™ provides a wide range of stainless steel disability grab rails designed to assist in mobility for the elderly. They have products that can be used for the shower, bath, and toilet that are fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material defects subject to normal wear and tear of the product for a period of 5 years.

Height of the toilet

Raising the height of the toilet as little as three inches is very beneficial for elders who have difficulty sitting on toilet seats. It is the most significant factor that determines how comfortable using it will be. It can help in maintaining their safety and independence. Moreover, the right height toilet should be water-efficient and durable as these factors also affect the overall experience of using it.

Non-slip bath mats and rugs

Going in and out of the bathroom, especially in the shower, can be particularly perilous for seniors. That's why it's essential to have non-slip bath mats and rugs inside the shower as well as for the bathroom floor. It will minimise the risk of slipping and falling as it increases the feeling of stability.

However, you can’t just put a non-slip mat and call it a day -- remember to always check the back of the mats and rugs to ensure that they are still effective. You can also cover the whole bathroom tile floor with a non-slip bath mat material to make the room safe.

Handheld showerhead

One of the best ideas for senior-friendly bathrooms is having a handheld showerhead to reduce the chance of falls while in the shower. It's essential to look for a showerhead that can be easily detached and held in hand to make bathing easier for elders. It minimises the need to stand while taking a bath. Being able to sit and shower also adds safety and independence for those with mobility issues.

Other Bathroom Safety Features

While the tips mentioned above will definitely help you with renovating a bathroom for seniors, it's also important to consider other things like the size of the doorway to accommodate seniors moving on wheelchairs. The bathroom sink must also be designed in a way that gives enough knee space for seniors on wheelchairs.

In addition, installing single-handle faucets that can be turned on and off easily will be helpful for them. It's also important that your bathroom is located on the main level of your house, to make it more accessible.

Senior-Friendly Bathrooms with Bendtech™

The well-being of elderly family members is a priority for many Australian families. A senior-friendly bathroom in your house can be a huge help in boosting the confidence and independence of your loved ones. These tips are meant to be a guide if you are considering renovating your bathroom at home for the seniors.

Apart from the structures itself, it’s also important to consider using only the best products. The grab rails, toilet assisted rails, and shower kits; all of these should be of high quality to ensure safety and durability. Bendtech™ can provide you with these products and more, wherever you are in Australia.

Bendtech™ provides reliable stainless steel bathroom solutions focused on the welfare of senior family members. Our products are manufactured with the highest quality to help improve the living conditions of the elderly. Set at very competitive prices, our senior-friendly bathroom products are also some of the best you can find in the industry.

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