About Antimicrobial Copper

December, 2015

Approximately four million people in the EU acquire a healthcare-associated infection each year, from which approximately 37,000 die. Antimicrobial Copper kills the microbes that cause these infections.

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Three main characteristics make Antimicrobial Copper the most effective touch surface material:

1. Continuously Kills Microbes

  • Efficacy as an antimicrobial is scientifically proven to be far more effective than silver-containing coatings
  • Proven to continuously kill the microbes that cause infections
  • The only solid metal touch surface approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2. Never Wears Out

  • Continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action
  • Remains effective even after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination
  • Natural oxidation does not impair efficacy.

3. Safe To Use

  • Not harmful to people or the environment
  • Inherently antimicrobial, no chemicals added
  • Completely recyclable.

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