A Complete Buying Guide for Grab Rails or Grab Bars

Grab rails or grab bars at home can be very beneficial for anyone who is physically challenged in some way. They can allow for more independent living, providing freedom for the user to move around without assistance.

Grab rails can also provide the user with added stability and support. In this comprehensive buying guide, we'll explore your options and help you choose the right grab rail or right grab bar based on your personal needs and the area in which you intend to install it.

What are Grab Rails?

Grab rails or grab bars are independent living aids made from metal or plastic. They are often known as support rails or safety rails, usually installed at doorways or any spot that is considered to be a risk area for falls. They are ideal for placing around the home to make sitting, standing, and balancing easier for anyone who finds it difficult to stand on their feet.

Grab rails or grab bars are also most commonly used within the bathroom near the toilet and around the bathing area, where the user might require assistance to get on and off the seat. They come in different types, lengths, diameter, textures, colours, finish, and installation methods. You must know what to look for before purchasing.

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What can a grab rail or grab bar do?

Grab bars and rails can give you the following functions:

    1. It can reduce the risk of falling in the bathtub or shower.
    2. It can assist in safe lowering.
    3. It makes it easier for the user to get in and out of the bathroom.
    4. It helps the user to climb in and out of the shower enclosure.
    5. It keeps the user to be stable when moving around the bathroom.


What type of grab rails are available?

There are three common types of grab rails available in the market - Straight, Angled, and Folding grab rails.

Straight grab rail - This is the most popular type of grab rail that usually has two brackets to fit the wall. It is handy when used as shower grab rail. This type of grab rails can be placed vertically or horizontally, depending on the type of grip you require.

Angled grab rail - This type of grab rail is helpful when used as a bath grab rail. It is designed to provide comfort and gives you different grip options, which is perfect if you are moving from a sitting to standing position, and vice versa.

Folding grab rails - This type of grab rail allows users on a wheelchair to move from the seat to the toilet, before placing the bar in position for added stability and help with movement. Folding grab rails are also ideal for those who share bathrooms with family members.

What styles of grab rail are available?

Different styles of grab rails are available for internal or external applications. While there are functional options, like those made from white coated PVC, there is also a selection of stainless steel options, that look sleek and stylish. There are also black options that work well with monochrome bathrooms.

For added grip, there are fluted design available or similar models with soft rubber grips built into them. There are also grab rail designs that can incorporate other features, like soap dishes.

Points to consider when buying grab rails

Length - Grab rails comes in a range of standard measures including 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, and 900 mm. It is essential to select a grab rail that is a suitable length for your bath or shower area. You must measure the wall where you plan to install it and take into consideration how it will be used to determine the appropriate length that you need to buy.

Diameter - Grab rails come in a range of standard diameters ranging from 28 mm to 40 mm. 32 mm is the most common diameter, which is used in common toilets. The grab rail should not be too broad or too narrow, and it should allow the user to fit their hand comfortably. To determine the right diameter, the user should try the grab rails by holding on to it.

Finish & Style - It's essential to consider a grab rail that matches the existing style of your bathroom. There are numbers of colour finishes available such as polished stainless steel, matte black, gunmetal, rose gold, and more. The finish will also determine the grip. A smooth finish may look stylish, but it might be slippery to hold when used in wet areas. On the other hand, textured grab rails can provide a better grip, but with some users that have sensitive skin, they might find it too rough.

Weight Capacity - Grab rails are made out of different materials. It is one of the main factors of how much weight a grab rail can take. It is crucial to choose a grab rail that meets ADA requirements (250 lb.)

Installation - There are two options when it comes to installing grab rails, screw-fix, and suction cups. Screw-fix grab rails are more durable because they are installed in the wall using screws at both ends while suction cups are used as a portable option for the elderly to carry around. It is not a long-term option as they cannot take the full bodyweight of the user.

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