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Benefits of Installing Stainless Steel Grab Rails for Elderly

There are many benefits of installing stainless steel handrails for the elderly & disabled around your house. These include:

  1. Additional Safety
  2. Increased Mobility
  3. Takes Pressure Of Your Joints
  4. Improves Stability
  5. Slip Protection

Additional Safety

The primary reason people install grab rails is for additional safety and support around their home or workplace. Grab rails are mounted in specific areas of your home or workplace, where added support is necessary. The most common area of the house to install grab rails, is around the bathroom and more specifically, in the shower.

Improved Stability

Grab rails also offer greater peace of mind for your family or loved ones staying in your home, especially younger children or when elderly relatives or friends stay. If you own a business where people are using your premise, such as a hotel or restaurant, it is important to offer support rails in both your bathroom or stairways for elderly and disabled patrons.

Slip Protection

Accidents caused by elderly people slipping or falling are quite common. The Western Australian Government released an official report, stating that every year 1 in 4 people aged 60 years or over will experience a fall. These statistics are staggering and most of the accidents that occur are a result of elderly people not having added environmental support. Having hand rails installed in specific areas of your home, can potentially prevent or significantly reduce the chances of an accident, such as a fall or slip, from occurring– as high-quality grab rails offer unmatched slip protection and stability, increasing safety and comfort for the end-user.

Take Pressure Off Joints

Grab rails also have the ability to take pressure off weak or sore joints, including knees or ankles, when standing up or sitting down. This is achieved by applying all of your weight onto the rails, simultaneously taking the weight off your joints as you raise or lower yourself. You are also provided with added stability once in a standing position.

Increased Mobility

Another advantage of installing grab rails throughout your home is significantly increasing your mobility instantaneously. By having grab rails installed around your house, particularly in areas where support is required, it will give you back your independence and allow you to move freely, with greater ease. Without grab rails, elderly people will find it practically impossible or dangerous to move around the house, limiting their mobility and causing severe discomfort.

Hand & Grab Rail Design & Manufacture

At Bendtech, we specialise in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge tubular hand and grab rails custom-made for the elderly, aged and health care market, using only the highest quality stainless steel components. We ensure that our entire range of rail products comply with both the Australian Standards (AS1428.1) and Building Code of Australia, and are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) registered, giving you added certainty that you are utilising a reliable, superior and durable stainless steel rail that will last. Our handrail solutions are also easy to install around your home or office, including confined areas like bathrooms, toilets, showers or other rooms when required.

A Wide Range of Stainless Steel Disability Products

Product range includes grab rails, hand rails, folding shower seats, shower curtain tracks and curtains, modular grab rail systems, shower and bathroom rails, bathroom accessories and back rests as well as fold up, swing-away and floor/ceiling products.

All grab rail products are engineered to ensure maximum safety, and are available in satin, polished, 1428 deco knurled or powder coated finish which are both long wearing and slip resistant.

Browse our extensive range of stainless steel grab rails and products today and start benefiting from your decision.

17th December, 2012

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